And the 8am Bus Arrives

A few of the neighbours stand in a queue
And the 8am bus arrives
While I sit in the window
I start to lose track
As more and more people pass by

Kids running ahead
On their way to school
Their parents dragging behind
Some people in suits
A jogger or two
And more starting to form a new line

The chap two doors down
Struggles home with a load
Dog walkers pulled this way and that
The sweet old lady from number five
And I’ve lost count of how many cats

The day passes by
With some sun and some rain
And life seems to be running in laps
A knock at the door
The telephone rings
And more envelopes land on my mat

The sun drifts through the sky
And lazily dips
As a storm move in from the west
Streetlights switch on
And people race home
Thoughts filled with good food and a rest

A blanket of black
Envelops our world
Stars burning bright in the sky
And I sit and stare at a much slower road
As the clock painfully ticks the time by

A new day slowly dawns
And I don’t understand
Why the world hasn’t ground to a halt
Don’t they know that you’ve gone?
Taking half of my soul
And cracking open an infinite fault

How does life go on as if all is ok
When my deepest love has past
My forever is broken, destroyed and gone
And life feels an impossible task

But the world slowly wakes
The streetlights switch off
And the school kids buzz by in a hive
While I watch my neighbours forming an orderly queue
And the 8 am bus arrives