Welcome to my Artwork page. Here you will find examples of my artwork created through manipulating photographs, digital paintings (using a drawing tablet or iPad Pro), or prints of physical paintings (mainly oil pastel and watercolour with ink). Please click on any image that you would like to see in a larger format. There are 100 prints available of each artwork and each print sold is numbered and signed. The price list for my artwork is here: Price List

This section should be growing regularly so please check back - I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed creating them.

The coast and seaside feature regularly in my artwork. My favourite place to spend time is the coast whether in the UK or abroad. I love the power of the sea and the beauty in sea spray, beautiful beach huts and amazing scenery. The first two images above are based on beach huts. The first is called "Reflecting Summer" and is a reflection of beach huts in wet sand - it conveys the beauty of the colours and reflections without shouting loudly what it is. The second image is called "Wells-next-the-Sea" and (unsurprisingly) is based on beach huts at Wells-next-the-Sea in Norfolk. Growing up in Norfolk this images reflects my wonderful childhood memories of my favourite seaside location.
The images above are manipulated photographs taken near Sherringham along the North Norfolk Coast. The first is titled "An even Bigger Splash" and is the main piece. The other two images complement this image in a triptic (shown below) making a wide dramatic capture of the beauty found all around edges of the UK! I love the sea spray - all of the unique individual shapes spraying and changing at high speed and with thunderous power.
The image above left is titled "A very British Postcard" and is based on the big wheel at Skegness. Photographed on a rainy day and manipulated to create a representation of a seaside visit that every Brit can relate to - how many times have you been to the UK coast and been drenched by the rain more than the sea? The wonderful colours and the British determination to have a good time whatever the weather! After all, if we waited for good weather we'd only venture out once or twice a year! The image to the right is called "Wind Farm" and is a manipulated photograph taken along the Norfolk coastline in the UK.
The first image above is an Icelandic landscape entitled "Rush Hour in Iceland" in the distance a couple of cars are coming towards the viewer as we gaze into the magnificent landscape so unique to Iceland. The image to the right is a digital painting of Venice in Italy titled "With Mirth and Laughter Let Old Wrinkles Come". This image captures and conveys the romance, the dreaming and the beauty of a place that is like no other.
The image above is an Australian Seascape captured in a digital painting. Conveying the beauty of the Australian coastline and the often deserted beaches - who doesn't dream of a beach where only you and your loved one are present! Beautiful tranquillity, priceless. It is entitled "Australian Seascape". The image to the right is a digital painting created on an iPad. It is called "At the bottom of the ladder" and is a painting of the wonderful view from inside a tiny cove that I found.
The image above is called "Bandstand, Sander's Park" and is a watercolour and pen sketch of the Bandstand in Sander's Park, Bromsgrove. I was attempting to capture the energy seen running around the park everyday!
The images above are paintings created using photographs I took on Safari in South Africa as the source. The Cheetah on top left is an oil pastel drawing and (very originally) called "Cheetah" and the second Cheetah and Lion are digital paintings. The second Cheetah artwork is called "A Cheetah's Nose" and the Lion artwork is called "Lion King".
In the manipulated photograph on the left I wanted to capture the majesty of these wonderful animals. The image to the right is a pen sketch called "Feeling Blue".
The manipulated photographs above were also taken in the wild in South Africa and are called "Cat Nap" and "Open Wide".