A Lift Wasted

I sit alone: Isolated in a mass of people.
Unable to reach out. No connection to them or myself.
I watch myself drift with those distant glazed eyes.
Clawing at walls. The floor crumbles.
Small flickers of good. Falling.
Just slipping away.
Blackness envelops me.
It seeps into my being: Attacking every glimmer of hope.
I cry. But get no release. Tears that don’t give justice to the pain inside.
People try to understand. Say nice words. Then return to their own world.
I return to mine.
The only relief is an impassioned anger. A rage caused by the world.
But expressed on me.
External scars that will reflect the pain within for a lifetime.
Tearing at me.
Deeper and deeper.
But there’s no escape.
In a world devoid of love and enjoyment.
A life wasted.