How many likes did you get today?

The life of a Brit,
Has changed quite a bit.
No more prudish beliefs,
With a stiff upper lip.
But we still carefully craft,
The face we reveal.
Primarily fake,
With a dash of the real.
A life lived online
Is a mixed-up cup.
Do you share too much?
Or make everything up?
Do you lurk in the shadows?
Never posting a thing?
Do you genuinely care
For your social friend ring?
If a friend is upset
Do you step up and help?
Or read and scroll on
With Splinter Cell stealth?
Does the distance between
Technology and life,
Give you bravado and strength
To stand up and fight?
Or do you write a rebuttal
With passion and care,
Then quickly hit delete
Before offence that you fear?
Are your achievements in life
Re-graded online?
What was truly amazing
Is now undermined.
If you write a post
And no one replies
And nobody likes
Does your insecurity rise?
The value of your life,
Is a complex web.
But today it is measured,
In the likes that you get.
So you write a post,
Share your work and your play.
Tell me:
How many likes did you get today?