Oh for a Pen (That works)

Give me sunshine in the morning,
With a fresh breeze in the air.
Give me countless spring-time daydreams,
Walking miles without a care.
Give me sentimental poems,
And life changing artwork.
And for the love of God (and before my temple bursts)
Give me a fucking pen that works.

Give me adventure after adventure,
In far off scenic lands.
Give me love to share my life with,
Making more exciting plans.
Give me words to tell my story,
In poetic rhyming bites.
But for the love of God (and before I lose this fight),
Give me a fucking pen that writes.

My stationery is trying to break me,
One pen at a time.
A kind of ink-less conspiracy,
Designed to make me lose my mind.
You probably think I’m exaggerating,
But I swear to God I’m not,
If one more pen stops working,
I’m gonna lose the fucking plot.