Product & Food Photography

A product photography service for small to medium sized objects (macro shots of jewellery to chairs and small tables). Without the correct equipment businesses can often struggle to obtain professional images for their websites and marketing. I will work with you to obtain the look you require at a fast turnaround. With my additional processing service your business can have the opportunity to standout on the web. With the flexibility of an out-of-hours service your marketing crisis can be solved quickly - the Friday afternoon panic being solved by Monday morning.

Service is tailored to meet your needs with the following available (where possible):

  • 24 hour turnaround
  • Weekend service
  • Out of hours receipt of products for photography

Pricing is dependant on the complexity of the work required. Please call or email to discuss any product photography needs.

Examples of Product Photography Set-ups:

White Backgrounds:
For web use a white background is often the most effective solution as it leaves no distractions from the product. Below are examples of images created specifically for web use. White background images can be produced with or without a controlled shadow to provide a clipped image or a more solid effect.

Examples of white background set-ups:

Black Backgrounds:
Black backgrounds can offer a more atmospheric image using reflections, glitter or a clipped effect.

Examples of black background set-ups:

Colour or Scene-based Backgrounds:
Colour backgrounds and scenes can be created for a more “involved” image.

Examples of colour background set-ups:

Examples of food photography: