A collection of my imperfect thoughts...

Every now and then I feel a poem forming in the back of my mind: Often when I'm trying to get to sleep!

This page is the result of writing down those imperfect thoughts. I enjoy writing poetry that people can relate to and as such generally keep to simple rhyming stanzas. Please click on the individual links to read the poems. The first one is shown below just for a taster! I hope you enjoy them.

I Have Hope was the first poem I wrote in 2017. It's about that eternal flicker of hope...

I Have Hope

I see humans,
But no humanity.
Who have eyes,
But do not see.
Who have ears,
But do not listen.
Who have no concept beyond
Me, me, me.

But in the deepest depths of darkness
Sunlight filters through.
Where every act of kindness whispers
“I love you”

And like a sentimental poem,
Or a slushy mushy card,
Or the 90’s power ballad,
That you belt out in the car.
With the cracking of the thunder,
In the humid summer air,
You take me in your arms,
And it’s suddenly all clear.

Wherever there is darkness,
We create the light.
Wherever people cry with fear,
We can ease their plight.
Wherever there is war,
We can end the pain.
And wherever evil rises,
We can knock it down again.

So in the hollows of my suffering
While struggling to cope.
I see distant flickers of humanity
And I have hope.

The following four poems are a collection of poems commenting on the lighter (ish) side of everyday life. I hope you relate and find some of them funny!

The Magical Hour
It has always fascinated me how we have so much courage in the evenings and so many ideas to make our lives better. Then when morning arrives those ideas seem daft and we go back to our usual routine. This poem is about that magical hour late in the evening when anything is possible.

Oh for a Pen (That works)
This is a poem about something I feel very passionate about... you may well relate to it too!

"I did say..."
This poem is about having the final word...or is it about decking?

Of Mice and Men and the Falling Pen
This is a serious yet humorous poem about plans cut short.

Maybe we Should be Dancing
A short poem about the importance of living and not just existing.

Auto-ducking Correct
I think we all share this frustration....

68 Cristmases
A nice dose of wisdom...

The following poems are a little more serious in nature but still commenting on our everyday existence. The final two are more powerful and tackle some more difficult themes and may be a trigger if you are going through a hard time - however they may also help you. But please use discretion with reading them.

And the 8am Bus Arrives
I've never been able to process and accept death very well... and I wrote this from that place within me... if you empathise with the poem I send all my love

Looking out for each other..

Forty Years
Forty Years is about living with someone that constantly knocks you down ... but with a twist: Did you see it coming?

How many likes did you get today?
This is a poem about living life online...

My Love
This is one of my more serious poems. It is written in the context of suicide and suggests a different way of looking at what we want to achieve when we are rock bottom.
This is a video version of the poem: My Love (Opens in YouTube in new window)

A Life Wasted
This is my only poem that doesn't rhyme! It is a poem that attempts to reflect the internal battle of those with depression and other mental health illnesses.